Monday, May 14, 2012

Southern Writers Magazine: A Review

Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. There's something for everyone in the May/June issue of Southern Writers Magazine. While I was paging through it I ran across some names familiar to me. 

Jessica Ferguson, past president of the Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana, of which I am a member, spotlights Louisiana writer Vicki Allen. She is the author of four books, two of which are on reading lists at local Louisiana high schools.

James R. Tate, a member of BWG, is in the Good Reads by Southern Writers column along with his book, Blood Bias, a thriller set in Texas.

Sherry Perkins, current president of the Bayou Writers, interviewed Viggo Mortensen about his poetry. Yes. Aragorn himself. When he's not running around Middle Earth he's writing beautiful poems. Check out the interview on page 22, where he dispenses advice for aspiring poets.

Several other articles caught my eye. There was advice on when to use the word "that" and when to leave it out. Something I've long struggled with. Book Proposal Boot Camp by W. Terry Whalin had excellent tips. C. Hope Clark tells you how to build your platform. Are you ready to start your memoir? Check out Kimberly Rae's piece, Your Story, on page 27.

There are quite a few other informative articles inside. I would say you need to get your own copy and look them over. You'll be glad you did.


Writing Prompts
Write a story or poem using these words:


  1. Thank you Linda for the wonderful words. We are so glad you like the magazine. We love promoting authors and highlighting their books.

  2. What a nice surprise, Linda, thank you! So many great Southern writers are connected to Bayou Writers Group. You all do a fantastic job down there!

  3. Okay, Linda. Pitch them an article. If you read the mag then you know what they like!